Councillor Joe McIlwee

Older People's Champion for Inverclyde Council

with Nell McFadden MBE

Nel & joe
People's Champion !


Nell McFadden MBE, chair of Inverclyde Elderly Forum has welcomed the appointment of Inverclyde's new 'Older People's Champion for Inverclyde Council' Councillor Joe McIlwee will work closely with Nell McFadden MBE to help tackle issues affecting the increasing number of older people living in the community. Nell said "This is a big step forward for older people in Inverclyde and something we have been calling for. It is a big boost for us to know that there is someone on the Council to work closely with us." Joe McIlwee replied ' I have recently been elected as the Older People’s Champion for Inverclyde Council and this is a post that I value and would want to prosper in. I see it as being very important that the Council is so committed to older people that it has a specially chosen champion to work with older people and to champion their causes.

Inverclyde is changing. There are less younger people and the number of older people is increasing, and the percentage of older people in Inverclyde is increasing. We will have to respond to this. Already you can see more evidence of provision for older people in the community and this is likely to continue. There is also likely to be more jobs dedicated to supporting older people. Given all this, we want to get the structures and systems correct and I look forward to working with my good friend Nell McFadden in the time ahead.'