We are all very proud of our achievements over the years.





We have had many successes both local and national – from Pensions, Transport, Health Issues to Toilets, Seats in the Mall and so many more. We received good news in 2009 as the Crystal Palace Toilets in Hunter Place were re-opened and Nell was asked along to the opening ceremony.
We have taken part in numerous campaigns not only locally, but in London at the House of Commons, Blackpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and many other places. It has been a learning experience for us all, not only the committee but for our regular members too.



We have written hundreds of letters to those in authority like the Pensions Minister and the Post Office Authorities re closures,Tesco re closing of wee Tesco’s, Mall Manager re seats in the Mall, Mr Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, Health Minister, David Cairns MP and others too numerous to mention, as we always say it is not all Banners and Placards – there are other ways. Recently we have given our support to John Muir and Wendy Metcalf for Damiens Law regarding harder punishment for knife crimes, and the closure of the Tea Bar at Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

Every year Inverclyde Elderly Forum visit Trochrague House in Girvan for a 6 day break which everyone thoroughly enjoys. We have our annual bus run, coffee mornings, Christmas lunches and many more activities.

Inverclyde Elderly Forum produce a quarterly Newsletter informing around 800 elderly people of what's going on in the community and feature interesting topics. You can visit our News Page.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list, or you have a contribution for our Newsletter, please contact Your Voice Inverclyde Community Care Forum on 01475 728628. We would be very grateful for your news.

As we always say it is not all Banners and Placards – there are other ways!

Our forum is very active, the word elderly does not apply to us!